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Can You Find A Portland Motivational Speaker?

Since there are many places around the world that lay claim to the name “Portland”; where exactly are you when looking for this motivational speaker? Furthermore; are you hoping to find such a speaker within Portland itself; or are you planning to bring a motivational speaker into Portland?

Let’s Be More Specific

If we restrict ourselves to Portland Oregon; then we have a nice, substantial city but we could raise questions over how many motivational speakers operate out of there; and, what is the quality and experience of those that do? Logic says that you should be able to find at least one Portland motivational speaker; but, is that person of the right caliber to provide the services that you will be paying for?

What Do You Want From The Speaker?

Obviously, the answer to this lies in the reason behind your bringing people together under one roof simply to listen to someone speak. Because you are looking for a motivational speaker; it follows that you wish to get your intended audience motivated towards some desired end result. That result could be relatively trivial; or, it could be of some importance; whether it is achieved or not largely depends on the speaking quality of your Portland motivational speaker.

The Speaker Can Come In From Afar

Motivational speakers usually demand a fee for their appearance at any sort of event; for many of them, speaking is their main source of livelihood. It is a widely held belief that “you get what you pay for” and motivational speakers are no exception to this belief. If a speaker is appearing on many days of the week at a wide variety of events; that is a sign that he is (at least) popular and should be good at his (or her) trade. It follows on that such a speaker is likely to be charging high fees for every appearance; but, if they produce the desired results; then they should be worthy of their fees.

These higher priced speakers do not restrict themselves to their own home towns. However; the further away the speaking destination; the more you should expect to have to pay. This is simple economics when things like travel, accommodation and subsistence costs have to be taken out of the fees being paid for the service provided.

Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP) (like Doug Dvorak who lives in Chicago) regularly fill engagements away from their homes. Therefore, if you are looking for a Portland Motivational Speaker; you should certainly check out Doug’s credentials.

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