DIY Home Decorating: Hanging Up Mirrors, Pictures and Paintings

by | Dec 1, 2015 | Business

For many homeowners out there, hiring a professional to hang your mirrors, pictures or paintings is perceived as an unnecessary expense. Why hire someone to do it when you can just as easily do it yourself and save yourself several hundred dollars? However, before taking the nearest hammer and nail to your wall, you may want to think about what method you’ll use.

Nails and Wire
One of the more “traditional” methods of hanging a frame comes in the form of taking a nail, hammering it into the wall and using a wire or hook attached to the back of the frame in order to put it in place. This method is one of the easiet to perform and does not require any extensive research to do. However, it does have drawbacks in the form of you damaging your wall in order to put the nail in place. Not only that, nails and wires are not the most stable methods when it comes to hanging frames which creates a propensity for them to easily fall if disturbed.

Hook Stickers
Available at most hardware stores, a hook sticker is basically a plastic hook on one end with an industrial strength adhesive sticker on the other. These are meant to be easily placed on a wall with no fuss and no mess. The advantage of utilizing this method is that it does not directly damage the wall at the back and they can be easily removed. The one drawback they do have is that they are unable to hold large frames making them more suitable for small photos or light mirrors.

Z Bar Hanger
A Z bar hanger is an item that is rather unique and not necessarily available in most hardware stores though you can purchase them online through various specialty stores. This item works by attaching a steel bracket on the wall and subsequently placing its counterpart on the back of the frame that you wish to hang. Their advantage over other methods of hanging frames, mirrors or paintings is that they can hold a substantial amount of weight and are not easily jostled.

All in all, there are a wide assortment of different methods to hang frames to choose from. Go for whatever you think is best to suit your needs and do remember to look at instructions online to figure out how to hang things properly.

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