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Cape Town Engagement Rings Are Special Diamond Rings

Cape Town Engagement Rings Are Special Diamond Rings

You might say that Cape Town is the “diamond capital of the world” when it comes to extracting the stone for use in diamond jewellery. Cape Town has long been considered a major producer of diamonds. That is why Cape Town engagement rings are rings of noted distinction.

A Major Producer of Diamonds
In 1867, the discovery of diamonds in what was then known as Cape Colony, South Africa, radically changed the supply stocks of jewellers. Over the next 10 years and afterwards, the yearly world production of diamonds increased tenfold. As a result, what was once a rare material came to the forefront in Western society. Today, Cape Town still holds its status as a major producer of diamonds.

We have financing available on all our diamond jewellery. We also offer a FREE jewellery deep cleanse twice a year. That way you can make sure that your investment continues to be maintained.

Is the Retailer a Noted Expert?
When looking online, you should scrutinise engagement rings carefully. Make sure they are represented by an expert in the diamond field. You can gain added assurance, if the retailer who offers the diamond jewellery is well-versed and well-located as well. A South Africa based company helps ensure that what you are buying is not only genuine, but of a high quality too.

You can find a number of engagement rings online of various designs. However, you may also consider buying a loose diamond and creating your own design. Work with a company that offers these options and can educate you about diamond valuation. Buying any kind of diamond jewellery is not something you can take lightly. It is an important decision. Therefore, you need to work with a company that is close to the source – one that will help you get the diamond you want and stay within your budget too. Visit for more details.

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