How To Find The Best Refrigeration Controls in California

Finding the right refrigeration system for your commercial operation can be a daunting task. There are dozens on the market, and it seems that everyone has an opinion on which one is the best. There are many specifications to consider when choosing your new system, such as wiring, voltage, and internal temperature regulation. While many people look at cost as the most important factor, refrigeration controls, in California especially, are incredibly important to consider.

Always Opt For A Smart Controller

Refrigeration controls in California often need to be adjusted for commercial product or to compensate for heat waves and other weather anomalies that would affect the unit’s internal temperature. Normally, this would need to be done manually, which can often amount to a significant waste of time and money. A smart controller allows for the owner or other designated person to alter the temperature or other elements remotely, some even can alter refrigeration controls in California from anywhere in the world. This allows for rapid adjustment in any circumstances, without the need to call or pay for service technicians or to train employees who are not yet ready for the responsibility.

Read The Data That Is Logged

Some smart controllers also have the capability to record and log data on the day to day operation of the refrigeration system. It’s important to review that data, to ensure you know the best way to keep your unit in peak condition. Some refrigeration controls in California also have the ability to log data and have it available for viewing anywhere in the world. This allows you to keep on top of your unit’s performance, even when traveling across the country or across the world.

Get The Smart Defrost

One of the biggest time wasters when it comes to refrigeration units is the uncertainty around defrosting the system. Many commercial owners defrost manually once every so often, regardless of whether or not the unit requires it. It can be difficult to predict when defrosting is essential, but when a smart defrost system installed, owners can also track frost accumulation. The system will tell the owner when frost will begin to build up, and only then will it begin to defrost. A good smart defrost will also defrost when product is removed from the system or when a delivery is received. Other electronic defrosters will run a defrost multiple times per day, regardless of the system’s operational status, which winds up wasting the commercial owner time and money.

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