Cold-Pressed Juices: What You Need to Know

by | Aug 10, 2018 | Restaurant

What are cold-pressed juices?

These refer to juices extracted from fruits and vegetables with the use of a hydraulic press. This is a departure from the pasteurization process for juice extraction that relies on the use of high heat. The cold-press process is often used to get the most nutrients and liquids from vegetables and fruits.

How does that happen?

Pasteurization kills bacteria in juices. The process also improves the shelf life of your vegetable and fruit juices. However, the high heat used can kill off nutrients so they’re typically lost to you. With the cold-pressed process, you can enjoy more nutrients and vitamins from your vegetables and fruits, the Paste Magazine says.

Check out options

Shop around for cold pressed juices in Brooklyn NY. Check out options in your area. Some juice bars also offer a number of healthy choices you may want to try out like salads, superfood bowls, raw vegan dishes and desserts and more. With plenty of options to choose from, you wouldn’t have to worry about your choices being too limited. You can enjoy and dig into a wide range of tastes, textures, and flavors.

Best times for juices

If you’ve just been through a grueling workout, then cold pressed juices in Brooklyn NY should be a good pick-me-up for you. However, if it’s morning and if you want to start the day right, then why not nosh on Acai bowls or a salad? With these options, you can enjoy delicious meals and a healthy lifestyle. You could also go for those juices in the middle of the day, when you need an energy booster or just something refreshing to drink. With plenty of flavors to go for, you can get the taste you love at calories that won’t compromise your fitness and health goals.

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