Consider Role-Play for Sales and Marketing Training in Chicago Illinois

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When you’re focused on a sales and marketing training course in Chicago Illinois, you probably consider handling each one separately. The salespeople have one trainer while the marketers have another, and they rarely, if ever, cross paths. While this type of learning is widespread throughout corporate America, it may not be the best option. For one, you need both teams to work together, and they may not be willing or able to do so if they don’t learn together (or at least cross-train).

Why Role-Play Works

Most people remember role-playing games when they were children or as a learning technique “back in the day” but rarely, people do it anymore, and that makes no sense. When you play the role of the customer, you learn things that you never knew before. You know how customers act, but when you take on that role, you become different, and you think things differently. You realize just how much you know about your product and your clientele, which can help you make changes. Sales and marketing training in Chicago, Illinois can also be done together, where the marketers take on the role of the salespeople and vice-versa. Each person will learn a little more about what the other does, ensuring that they understand why they’re essential to the company.

It-Doesn’t-Work Myth

Most people either swear that it doesn’t work or won’t even give it a try because they’ve heard negative things in the past. However, role-playing is only as effective as the people who participate. Therefore, if your salespeople are making jokes or purposefully giving incorrect information, it’s not going to be effective for them or anyone else. Therefore, when you request sales and marketing training in Chicago Illinois and ask that they provide role-playing tasks, you’ll need to let the employees know and understand why.

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