The Ultimate Survival Guide for Diamond Buying

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Jewelry

Daunted by diamonds? Don’t be! With this handy survival guide, you will know what to look for when seeking a buyer for a diamond and also when buying a diamond in New Jersey.

Appraisals are the most important steps in the diamond buying process. Only qualified jewelers like Lincroft can properly appraise a diamond and declare its current value. When making an appraisal, the jeweler will also be able to prepare any necessary paperwork for you and your family, which is critical for insurance or tax purposes. Likewise, when you are buying a diamond at Lincroft, you will know exactly what it is you are purchasing because it would have been accurately appraised and documented.

Laboratory Analysis is important because the data does not lie. When you use a jeweler that can analyze a specimen using a laboratory, you will receive the most accurate assessment possible.

The 4 Cs is the first and foremost thing on your mind when buying or selling diamonds.

  • A Cut is what imparts distinct shape to each specimen, making each diamond unique and playing a major role in jewelry design.
  • Carat refers to the size of the diamond; remember, big is not necessarily better although size does matter.
  • Color matters in diamonds, too, because the diamonds that will retain their value over time are those that are colorless and clear.
  • Clarity refers to the presence (or absence) of flaws.

Insurance is important for diamonds because many standard insurance policies will not cover the full value of your property. Lincroft is one of the jewelers in New Jersey that can help you understand what it means to purchase jewelry insurance for your diamond. It is recommended that you take good photographs of your jewelry, for insurance purposes but also in case you want to replace the lost property.

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