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Construction Site Safety

Regardless of the type of construction you are doing at your company, there can be several hazards on each jobsite that could cause injuries. Safety mishaps could result in downtime, more expenses, and the missing of deadlines, making it imperative to create a safe environment at the job site.

It is critical that workers have guidelines to follow while on the job at your different jobsites. That is why it is important to keep track of job safety in a construction daily log book as a way to have everything logged and in writing for the safety of workers and your company.


At many jobsites, visibility is critical. It is important that workers have the proper accessories they need to make sure they are visible to machine or other heavy equipment operators. Eye and ear protection is very important, including safety glasses and protective headsets. It is common for workers to wear vests that have bright colors.

Secure Temporary Structures

Often times construction sites have temporary fixtures or unsecure structures that could be dangerous. It is therefore imperative that these are secured to protect the safety of your workers and that workers are equipped with all the necessary equipment, such as hard hats, to protect themselves in case anything falls.

Heat, Water, and Gas Lines Must be Visible

Construction sites always need water, electricity and heat but for many sites they are only temporary and include water and gas lines that often times can go unseen by workers and therefore workers must know at all times where those lines are. Live electrical wires should never be left exposed.


A common sight at construction sites are tractors and other forms of heavy machinery. It is imperative that the maintenance is kept up on these and that safety measures are followed for each. Workers need to know when and where heavy machinery is operating on any given day to be aware at all times.

Regardless of how many safety measures are in place, accidents can happen at job sites. However, if companies are prepared, have safety measures in place; the chance of any accident is greatly reduced.

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