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Using the Latest in Transmission Diagnostics in Phoenix, Arizona

When a person is having their vehicle looked at for a specific problem, for example, a transmission issue, the facility the car owner takes their vehicle to in order to be fixed will likely use a number of different Transmission Diagnostics in Phoenix. This is the best way to figure out the problem.

Standard Approaches

Many of the diagnostic techniques are the same ones that have been used throughout the years to diagnose a potential problem. Inspecting the underside of the vehicle for problematic vacuum connections, loose cable or linkage assemblies is the first step in a diagnosis. In addition, test drives are often used to more accurately diagnose a transmission issue.

Computer Control Issues

Today, many newer vehicles are controlled by computer control units. These units send signals to various components on the vehicle to help them operate properly depending on road conditions, the speed at which the vehicle is operating and so on. However, much like any piece of technology, nothing is perfect and sometimes a computer will send the wrong information to a component, such as the transmission. This can cause the transmission to work in a much different way, sometimes causing problems with the vehicle’s operations.

In these instances, the problem may not necessarily be with the transmission. The computer controller may need to be repaired, replaced or simply rebooted. The good thing is that problems of this technical nature can usually be fixed rather easily.

Problems with the Transmission

In other instances, it may be sensors within the transmission or the transmission control unit, commonly known as the control solenoid, that is either damaged or nonfunctional. This sort of repair can be challenging, but with the right types of Transmission Diagnostics in Phoenix, the problem can be quickly identified so the repairs can be carried out as soon as possible.

Transmission problems can be frustrating and, in the past, they may have been extremely expensive. However, with today’s technology, sometimes the problem is with control unit rather than the transmission itself. Other times it is the transmission that is the problem. In order to get to the bottom of what’s going on, you’ll want to make sure you take your vehicle to a repair facility that uses the latest in diagnostic equipment. Visit Denny’s Transmission Specialists to get the personalized service you deserve.

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