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Create a Beautiful Smile With Help From a Cosmetic Dentist in Grand Prairie TX

Create a Beautiful Smile With Help From a Cosmetic Dentist in Grand Prairie TX

Everyone wants a beautiful smile, but some people require a little more work than others to get the right look. Thankfully, a Cosmetic dentist in Grand Prairie TX can help and often only requires a few simple procedures to do so. For example, the cosmetic dentist can improve the appearance of the smile by simply eliminating the stains that discolor the teeth. If the stains cannot be completely removed or the patient has had other procedures, then the dentist may recommend the use of veneers. If the teeth are beyond repair or are missing, then there are still options such as dental implants and prosthetic replacements.

The first step in improving the smile is cleaning and this usually implies teeth whitening. Dental whitening is a simple procedure that typically requires a half hour. The dentist will place a solution of carbamide peroxide over the teeth and then add a bit of water to the mix. Water causes the carbamide to convert into hydrogen peroxide and this chemical change forces the peroxide beneath the enamel. After a few days a beautiful, white smile should be visible.

There are a number of problems that seem difficult, but are actually an easy fix. For instance, crooked teeth and misshapen teeth can be repaired by movement or shaping, but this is a lot of work. Covering the front of the teeth with a porcelain veneer may be a better option because it is quick and simple. A veneer is a thin layer designed to fit over the teeth and requires very little to hold it in place. Most veneers are installed without the need for shaping of the existing teeth and can be removed if required.

Another process performed by a Cosmetic dentist in Grand Prairie TX is dental implants. An implant uses an artificial root to anchor a porcelain crown. It is useful for filling in the gap from tooth extractions or as a means to anchor other prosthetic devices like bridges and dentures. However, an implant can be a major decision. This procedure should be thoroughly considered before beginning because it requires minor surgery in order to place the anchor into the jawbone. Visit the website at and discover the many ways make a smile look great.

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