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Creosote buildup in your chimney is dangerous

Creosote buildup in your chimney is dangerous

The costs of natural gas and other petroleum based fuels continues to spiral, the inevitable result has been an increase in the popularity of alternative fuels. Many homeowners are now burning wood in their fireplace or stove, this unfortunately comes with an added danger which is hidden from view, the buildup of creosote in the chimney. Creosote buildup is the most common cause of chimney fires and the only effective way to eliminate it is to contact a company that does chimney cleaning in Worthington, OH.

Where does creosote come from?

When wood burns it releases smoke and gasses. The unburned gasses form on the walls of the chimney liner or tile flue and quickly build up into a tarry substance known as creosote. This material poses a danger when it is allowed to build up as it can become a fuel source for a fire in the chimney. It can be minimized somewhat by using well seasoned, dry wood or by burning small, very hot fires but no matter what precautions are taken, creosote to some degree will build up.

A chimney fire can happen when the deposits of creosote are set afire by heat from the fireplace below; the temperature must be extreme, in excess of 1000 degrees F but this is less than the temperature of the fire burning in the fireplace. It may sound insignificant but a buildup of no more than 1/8th inch is enough to pose a danger.

The key to fireplace safety is chimney cleaning in Worthington, OH. The buildup of creosote is inevitable; this means that cleaning the chimney is an inevitable task. Attempting to clean the chimney yourself is filthy dirty and difficult, this is a task that is best left to professionals that have all the correct brushes and techniques to ensure that the entire flue is cleaned of the built-up creosote. At the same time as the cleaning is taking place, the pros will check the chimney to ensure there are no cracks or other defects that could possibly lead to a chimney fire. The frequency of cleaning is all based on how much you use your fireplace but it is something that should be done at least once a year.

Burning wood has many advantages including the joy of sitting in a warm, cozy room, tending the fire as it slowly burns. By keeping the chimney clean you can enjoy the savings and creature comfort from an open fire for years to come with no risk of fire.

Maintaining the chimney leading from your fireplace or wood burning stove is a must. If you are looking for a professional that does chimney cleaning in Worthington, OH you are invited to contact Whempys Ductwork & Chimney Services.

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