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Who Should Undergo Oral Cancer Screening in Vancouver WA?

Cancer is a condition that can attack any area of the body, including the mouth. Many dentists conduct the basics of an Oral Cancer Screening in Vancouver WA as part of a comprehensive dental exam. Even if there are no symptoms of cancer present, undergoing this type of screening is important. Here are some examples of people who especially need to have this type of procedure done at least once every year.

People Who Use Tobacco Products

The use of tobacco in any form does increase the risk of developing oral or mouth cancer. This is true for anyone who smokes cigarettes or cigars, dips snuff, or chews tobacco. Even pipe smokers will want to be checked to make sure there is no evidence of abnormal cells in the mouth. Keep in mind choosing to stop using tobacco products will reduce the risk, but does not eliminate the need for Oral Cancer Screening in Vancouver WA on a regular basis.

People Who Drink

Anyone who consumes alcohol on a regular basis will want to talk with a dentist about undergoing a screening. Drinking in moderation is not likely to lead to the development of cancer, but heavier alcohol use does increase the possibility. Along with learning to curb the use of alcohol, make it a point to be tested at least once a year.

Spending Time in the Sun

People who love work outside or love to spend time at the beach often have deeply tanned skin. It is important to realize that excessive exposure not only increases the possibility of developing skin cancer. Lip cancer is also a possibility. For anyone who loves the look of a darker tan, make it a point to be screened for mouth cancer.

Family History

If there is a history of any type of cancer in the immediate family, it pays to err on the side of caution and ask the dentist to conduct a screening. This is true even if no one in the family was ever diagnosed with mouth cancer. At the very least, regular testing provides the security of knowing that no cancer cells are present.

For anyone who has not had a check-up in some time, today is the day to call Lewis Family Dentistry and set up an appointment. Doing so will be the first step in knowing if there is any condition that needs immediate attention. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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