Defining Contemporary Fireplaces

Fireplaces remain special for Americans. Once the heat source of their home, they have since evolved into symbols of romance and places around which family and friends gather. Fireplaces are also popular design features. They crop up with increasing regularity in new homes. As such, they reflect the styles of those who construct the residence and those who live there resulting in the installation of a significant amount of contemporary fireplaces.

The Contemporary Style

The essence of the style known as “contemporary” relates to its nature. Unlike other specific designs, contemporary is not stagnant or fixed. Instead, it indicates a collaboration or blending of diverse styles. Designers refer to it as being “of the moment.” In other words, contemporary refers to a style that borrows elements from other styles including:

* Art deco

* Modern

* Traditional

Originating in the 1970s, the contemporary style continues to adopt and adapt. Although it may embrace certain design concepts today, it may alter tomorrow. For those who wish to install contemporary fireplaces in their homes, be aware of this factor.

The Contemporary Fireplace

When considering a contemporary look, consider the following design characteristics applicable only “for the moment.” The current trend is towards

* Curving lines combined with straight

* Neutral colors such as beige, cream, and certain browns

* Minimalism

These all add to the overall interpretation of this style.

Contemporary Fireplaces

The contemporary style is not for everyone. While it addresses the current ever-changing environment of today’s lifestyle, some people still prefer to think of fireplaces in terms of the past. They want a traditional style. However, others opt for modernity. Their fireplace is all glass and angles.

The choice of what style fireplace to install is up to the individual. While some focus on aesthetics, others do not care as long as the fireplace remains true to its potential: energy efficiency, environmentally friendly and safe results. Today, you can find this a promise kept by modern, traditional and contemporary fireplaces.

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