Micro Motion Coriolis Meter – Delivering High Accuracy Measurements

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Industrial Supplier

When you need to employ a nonintrusive meter, but an ultrasonic or magnetic meter is not suitable for your application, then a mass flow meter – particularly a micro motion Coriolis meter – may be the best choice. This type of meter provides direct measurement of liquid and gas mass flow. Although it is more expensive than other types of similar meters, it does not have any moving parts within the meter, something that minimizes maintenance costs.

World Leading Micro Motion Coriolis Meter

For more than three decades, the world leading micro motion Coriolis flow meters and density measurement devices offered by Emerson provided repeatable, reliable, high-performance measurements. You can depend on micro motion flow meters for industry-leading technology, excellent performance, and unbeatable value across the board.

Other measurements provided by these meters include temperature, density, and volumetric flow. These micro motion Coriolis meters are able to measure fluid such as slurries, corrosives, and sludges. The food and beverage industry can utilize density measurements provided by these meters in order to check particular liquid concentrations such as sugar.

Mass Flow vs. Volumetric Flow

The measurement of mass flow is one of the most vital features of Coriolis Effect flow meters. It is true that volumetric flow measurement is all that is needed in many cases. However, there are certain advantages with having mass flow measurement. As an example, numerous products are sold by their weight, rather than by volume. Mass flow measurements are preferred in these cases. In addition, the chemical industry produces chemical reactions that are based on mass instead of volume – this also makes mass flow measurement preferred over volumetric flow measurement.

The micro motion Coriolis meter consists of a sensor that has measurement tubes and transmitter that enables the configuration of the meter to your specific process and also displays the outputs.

Highly Accurate Measurements

Many magnetic flow meters produce accuracy in the vicinity of 0.5 percent. However, many Coriolis flow meters can deliver an accuracy of 0.1 percent. The increasing use of these meters over the recent past is due to their high accuracy measurements. Coriolis flow meters can significantly benefit companies that desire highly accurate mass measurements or that need flow meters for custody transfer.

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