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Dental Lumineers in Birmingham Alabama Can Bring Back Your Children’s Smiles

A parent with young children should consider having their children see a pediatric dentist. Unlike dentists that specialize in only treating adults, a pediatric dentist continues their training to include pediatric dentistry. Dr. Michael S. Anglin is just such a dentist. After getting his Bachelor of Science, he went on to get his Doctorate of dental surgery. When he realized that he had a passion for helping younger children to maintain their excellent oral health, he went on to get specialty training as a pediatric dentist at the Medical University of South Carolina. This is the kind of dentist that you want taking care of your children’s dental health.

It isn’t unusual that children get stained or chipped teeth. To improve their smile permanently, this dentist will recommend that they have Lumineers® bonded to their chipped or stained teeth. Dental Lumineers in Birmingham Alabama are the upgrade from the porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers are still being still used to aid adult patients, but Lumineers® are so good that they have lasted through a patients adult life when they were applied when that patient was still a child.

The Dental Lumineers in Birmingham Alabama, are a tooth colored material that is permanently bonded to your child’s teeth and will conceal chips, discoloration and stains. This can be a permanent solution to the embarrassment that children suffer from having teeth that have gotten so stained that even a professional whitening treatment can’t remove the stain. Children active in sports in school have gotten chipped teeth and the stop smiling because they don’t want others to see their chipped teeth. Lumineers® can get them back to smiling in short order.

This is just one way that a pediatric dentist can help solve some of the potential oral health problems that children are prone to. It is recommended that your child see a pediatric dentist just as soon as they start cutting their first teeth and continue seeing that dentist at least twice a year. The dentist knows how to talk to children to get them to brush their teeth regularly as a fun activity. You should talk with a pediatric dentist to learn about all of the services they provide, including parent training for good oral health in their children. Click here for more information.

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