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by | Aug 13, 2014 | Healthcare

Dental health is a very important part of overall health. It’s also something that many people neglect. Visiting a Dentist in Redding should never be an option, it should be a priority. Dental issues can signify bigger health problems, and can also cause bigger problems like infection. This is why your dental health should not be ignored.

General dentists will ensure that your teeth are in top shape. They perform cleanings, x-rays, and examinations. They also help to restore teeth that aren’t the best they can be. Extractions can cause even more problems, so a good dentist will try to avoid this.

Crowns are used to improve the structure, strength, and function of teeth. They restore teeth with damage or decay. They improve the color and shape of your tooth by rebuilding the tooth. A crown is strong and can easily resist chewing and biting, teeth clenching and grinding. Crowns require significant tooth reduction to be placed. They can be used to protect your mouth after a root canal.

Veneers improve the color and shape of tooth as well, but not quite to the extent as a crown. They are strong but brittle. They require less tooth reduction than a crown. Bridges fill in the space of missing teeth. They help maintain the shape of the face and keep remaining teeth in proper alignment. Bridges allow you to chew and speak properly. They can restore your smile. You can have a removable partial denture or permanent appliance.

Composite fillings are made to blend in with your teeth. They are used for chipped teeth, closing gaps, fixing cracked or broken teeth, tooth decay, worn teeth. Root canals, as painful and scary as they are, restore tooth function.

Dentists also provide cosmetic solutions for increased confidence in your smile. Implants are surgically inserted into the gum to replace missing teeth and are just like your own teeth. Invisalign is a comfortable, clear, and removable way to straighten your teeth that takes less time than braces. Zoom teeth whitening can whiten teeth 8 shades in 45 minutes.

Whether you have major dental issues or just want a boost to your smile, a Dentist in Redding can work with you towards mutual goals for your smile. Moore & Pascarella Dental Group is one of the area dentists that provide general and cosmetic dentistry. Consider them and be proud of your smile today.

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