Dispelling Common Pediatric Myths

There’s a lot of information out there about pediatric health care. In fact, there’s so much that many parents find themselves feeling overwhelmed at the breadth of it all. While there is certainly a lot to learn and know, not all information you’ll find about child health care is accurate or worth believing. This article will clear up a lot of the common myths floating around about child health. Keep reading to learn what’s true and what’s false.

“Don’t Worry Too Much If Your Child Learns to Walk or Speak Later Than Usual.”

It’s definitely true that children pick up developmental milestones at their own pace. If your child learns to walk a little earlier or a little later than most, they’re probably fine in the long run. However, if your child goes more than a few months without reaching certain developmental milestones, you should consider talking with a pediatrician in San Diego. A small delay isn’t too out of the ordinary, but when a child reaches several months past the average time they should have learned to walk or talk, this could point to signs of developmental disorders. If you have any reason to suspect your child is developing at a delayed pace, such as little to no speech at two years of age or older, now is the time to get in touch with a pediatrician in San Diego.

“Teething Causes Fevers.”

Most babies start teething once they hit six months of age, though some start a little earlier or a little later. You may notice your baby developing teeth as early as three months of age! The issue isn’t so much when they start teething so much as the symptoms they display during this period. Many parents are under the belief teething leads to vomiting, fevers and a slew of other unpleasant symptoms. However, evidence points to these symptoms more commonly being due to infections or some other illness. If you notice your child seems especially uncomfortable or even ill while they’re teething, seek out professional advice from a pediatrician in San Diego as soon as possible.

To find a reputable pediatrician in San Diego, call Children’s Physicians Medical Group at 1-877-276-4543 or visit their website.

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