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Do thorough research before choosing a medical waste management company

Disposing of medical waste is governed by extensive federal and state law. As a result, should you choose to outsource this function to a medical waste management company in Riviera Beach area, you would need to do thorough research and ensure that the organization you choose is going to provide you with a compliant service. In order to comply fulfill OSHA requirements, your waste management partner will need to have the relevant permits to move the medical waste, and should have the right equipment and well trained staff. Your staff also need to be thoroughly trained, especially the person who does the sign-off of the medical waste. Some medical waste companies actually can arrange to extend their training to your staff, and can do this at a cost much lower than if you invested in a training package. These are a few of the areas you would investigate when deciding who you should choose to sign an agreement with.

Other issues to consider
In some cases, waste management companies also arrange for shredding of confidential documents, storage, and imaging of documents, and these bundled services could reduce your overall cost. Price is always going to be something you’d consider, but don’t believe that a large, national company is going to be able to provide the services at a cheaper cost. In fact, what sometimes happens with the quotations from the large companies is that so many different line items are incorporated into the quotation that you’re not entirely sure what your charge will be. As a result, it’s always a good idea to ask for a fixed price and to get a determination that no hidden fees will suddenly appear.

Another point to consider is the actual service agreement, and what would happen if the terms were to change. If you needed less waste picked up, would you still have to pay a fixed fee, or would this be negotiable? Likewise, if the amount of waste that you generate increases, would you be able to re-negotiate the contract without the time period of the service agreement again starting from month one? This is when it’s important to have a good relationship with your waste management partner and it would help if you are dealing with a local company where you are able to negotiate different terms if necessary.

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