Screw Conveyor Manufacturers And Their Product

Screw conveyor manufacturers appear to be set to continue to ride a market favoring growth. From 2016-2020, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is to be 3.46%. This global forecast is based on the nature of the screw conveyor and its ongoing ability to capture markets. An integral component of operating systems, it is little wonder that the screw conveyor remains an important part of many manufacturing concerns.

The Screw Conveyor

The screw conveyor is a simple device. It consists of

* Central Shaft (unless the model is a centerless screw conveyor)
* Wide, helical wound blade
* Tube, casing, trough or compartment

The screw element, which will dictate the direction the material takes in accordance with its design, rotates around the central shaft. This pushes the material in the direction designated by the orientation as well as the specific design of the screw. Screw conveyor manufacturers design the devices to provide their customers with robust and easy to operate and maintain systems to convey effectively material – wet or dry, from one part or the plant to another.

Why Industries Prefer Screw Conveyors

The benefits of screw conveyors lie in the machine’s simplicity. Companies also prefer them for their:

* Simplicity
* Reliability
* Low maintenance
* Cost-Effectiveness: Valid when compared to belt, pneumatic and drag conveyors
* Versatility: They can be positioned in various installations including horizontal, inclined and vertical
* Adaptable: They can handle a wide variety of materials from bio-solids to Portland cement
* Compact: Occupies little space than other types of conveyors
* Hygienic: Screw conveyors are sealable if required for clean, dust free and vapor tight environments
* Material Choice: Diverse metals may be employed to imbue the system with specific properties

Fabricators can manufacture these devices to meet specific requirements of industries. They can customize them to address perceived and actual needs. Screw conveyors, for these and other reasons, are an important component of your customer’s operating systems.

Applications and Industries

Many industries employ screw conveyors as part of their daily operations. Applications of this type of equipment are located throughout industrial concerns on a global basis. Among their number are the following:

* Beverage and Food Processing
* Chemical Plants
* Mining Concerns
* Petroleum Refineries
* Pulp and Paper Plants
* Rubber and Plastics Manufactories
* Stone, Glass and Concrete Producers
* Wood Products

Each company will need to determine what screw conveyor type will prove best suited. They will also have to determine which manufacturer to rely on.

Screw Conveyor Manufacturers

Manufactures of screw conveyors offer diverse variations of the basic product. They also provide different services. Some companies specialize in standard screw conveyors while others are specialists. Whether you are looking for a standard or customized device, also do your research. Compile a list of screw conveyor manufacturers; look at their credentials including reputation, reliability and product quality before you make a firm decision.

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