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Do You Need The Buteyko® Breathing Method?

There are several different ways to learn the Buteyko® breathing method. For many people, attending a workshop and then following up with a coach trained in the method is the best option, allowing you to have the support and encouragement to ensure you are utilizing the correct techniques.

The Buteyko® breathing method is easy to learn through watching a DVD training package and following along with the explanations and practice methods. For many people, especially those living in areas where a workshop isn’t available, this is a cost effective and very practical option. A coach by Skype or online will also be invaluable in learning the correct techniques.

For most, the Buteyko® breathing method will be a completely new way of breathing. It is a retraining process, and it will require practice, concentration, and understanding of the technique to make it a part of your life. The great news is that the positive results of using the exercises and the method act as a strong reinforcement to continue breathing in the way that best supports your body and your health.

Understanding Your Risks

While many people are first introduced to the Buteyko® breathing method after they have had a health or respiratory problem, it is also a very effective option as a proactive technique for overall health.

There is a simple test that can be completed at home to determine your breathing pattern and your body’s tolerance to carbon dioxide. To do the test:

  • Sit in a relaxed position with your feet flat on the floor
  • Inhale and exhale normally and on the exhale pinch your nose and start a stopwatch
  • When feel the need to inhale, stop the watch and resume normal breathing

This time, which is known as the control pause, should be 40 to 60 seconds in optimal health, but less than 25 seconds indicates the potential for possible health conditions now or in the future.

The Techniques

Through the Buteyko® breathing method you will learn to adjust your body to breathe through your nose and not your mouth, to be mindful of your breathing patterns and make the necessary adjustments, and to take longer pauses between breaths to allow your body to function correctly and balance the blood chemistry.

Practicing the Buteyko® breathing method doesn’t take any special equipment or any special skills. Anyone from a child to a senior can learn to use the method on an ongoing basis to help their body to work to its fullest potential.

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