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Important Considerations When Buying Stock Furniture

Have you thought about the savings you could make if you were to buy wholesale furniture for your business, rather than individual items? A supplier of bulk furnishings and accessories will be able to offer you a much better deal on products. In addition to this, the range of pieces on offer is likely to be more diverse and will be updated frequently, allowing you to peruse an extensive selection of functional, yet trendy furniture. For those people who have never bought stock furniture before, the idea can be confusing, which is why you should save yourself some hassle and make a wise buying choice by learning some basic information ahead of seeking out stock furniture suppliers in Australia.

Available Space

Every business will differ in size and because of this, business owners must take it upon themselves to take measurements before shopping for furnishings. Consider using the Internet to your advantage by checking out some online layout tools, so that you can figure out what space is available for stock furniture. This floor plan layout can then be shown to the furniture supplier, who will recommend the best pieces. In the event that you are dealing with minimal square footage, think about whether it is possible to move existing furniture to make room for new additions.

Workplace Use

Office furniture will vary in design to bar and restaurant furniture, so think about the workplace use of stock furniture prior to buying. Should you want to make work life easier for your employees, introduce multi-functional desks with built-in storage, and comfortable chairs with swivel features, arm rests and back support. By doing so, workplace productivity can be improved greatly, as well as job satisfaction. If you’re splashing out on furniture for a retail space, social hub or dining spot, aesthetics will be more important, as the appearance of furniture will make a difference to how many customers you entice.

Funds and Negotiations

Just because a piece of stock furniture is marked as a certain price, it doesn’t mean you can’t negotiate with the supplier for discounts. Stock furniture is usually sold in large quantities and this means that delivery costs will lower and discounts will likely be offered for bulk buys. You will improve your chances of getting a good deal if you are stern and have the money to hand over right away when meeting with furniture providers. Think about how much money you can spend on furniture and how much time you will need to set aside for assembly, as this can cut into your earning hours.

The team at Cafe Club can help you pick out stock furniture that suits your budget and needs. For additional information, call 1300 300 785.

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