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When Should You Consult The Best Podiatrist?

Thousands of expert podiatrists operate throughout Australia and will aid patients with common foot problems on a daily basis. These problems will vary, from corns and calluses to plantar warts. Knowing when to get in touch with someone who works in this industry means understanding the difference between aches and pains that will go away on their own, and problems that require treatment of some kind. A trained podiatrist will be up-to-date with industry developments, so don’t hesitate to contact one if the following signs are noticeable.

Redness and Swelling Around the Toenails

One of the most common foot-related problems is ingrown toenails. An ingrown toenail may get progressively worse over time and the signs of a problem include redness, tenderness and toe swelling. If the swollen area begins to pulsate or looks slightly yellow, an infection is probably present. In most cases, ingrown nails will be caused by improper toenail cutting. When the nail digs into the skin, you might experience pain and should consult a podiatrist, who will use the latest technology and in-depth knowledge to treat the issue.

Pain After Participating in Sporting Activities

If you are a sports enthusiast who regularly plays games of football, hockey, basketball or anything else that requires a great deal of energy and physical contact, chances are you may get injured from time to time. Muscle strains, torn tendons and other aches and pains in the legs may prevent you from participating in sporting activities, which is why you ought to pick up the phone and contact a podiatrist who understands everything there is to know about lower limb biomechanical function. Tendonitis, ankle sprains and heel spurs can also be treated by podiatrists.

Discomfort in the Foot or Heel

Are you always on your feet? Perhaps you work in an environment that requires you to stand around a lot of the time, or maybe you are a keen runner? Whatever the reason for putting your feet under a great deal of pressure, the chances are you will deal with foot or heel discomfort as a result. The heel has 26 bones in it and when faced with a lot of physical exertion, problems like bumps, bursitis, spurs, chronic inflammation and stress fractures might arise. Discomfort can be eased by a podiatrist, who will use deep heat techniques, stretching exercises and medication to get you back on your feet again. If the problem is severe, surgery might be recommended.

Located across Victoria, Precise Podiatry’s team of experts can help relieve common foot problems. Call the Leopold clinic on 52501208 to make appointment.

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