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Don’t Pay Through the Nose by Hiring a Cheap Window Washer! Hire a Professional!

When it comes to having your windows clean, whether for your business or your home, it is important to consider hiring an adequate professional to do the cleaning. When hiring a cheap window cleaning service, many do not realize that the quality of service they are getting almost equally matches what they are paying, and may potentially end up costing more in the end. Here are a few reasons why cheap window washing can put you out of more money than you expect.

They Do Not Offer Insurance
One of the biggest things to consider when finding a window cleaning service is whether they will offer insurance in case damages happen. Most cheaper and lower end services do not offer insurance, which can end up causing a lot of issues if any sort of damages arise to any part of the window.

Cause Damage Due to Lack of Experience
If the company you hire is not properly trained or experienced, they may be a lot more prone to causing damages to your windows and home. Whether they chip the paint on the outside of the window or cause cracks and scratches in the glass, having repairs for the damages can cost a fortune. You would have been better off paying for a more professional service to begin with.

They Don’t Recognize Previous Damages
Most professional window washers are trained to spot previous damages early on, and they can help you to figure out how to get the best deals for repairs. An untrained washer will not always know what to look for. Being able to catch the damage early on can save you a ton of money in repairs.

They Do Not Always Use the Correct Cleaning Products
There are many varieties when it comes to window cleaning products, and certain ammonia-based solutions are damaging to different types of treated windows. If your window cleaner is uneducated about different types of cleaning products, they may use them without realizing the affect, essentially causing clouding and other damages to your windows. Having to replace treated glass because it is now too clouded or potentially damaged can result in many unneeded fees.

It is clear that getting a professional window washer is beneficial in the long run. Call Prime Time Window Cleaning today if you are looking for a window cleaning service that is professional, affordable, and experienced. They provide free estimates, and you can always count on a job well done.

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