Add Value To Your Home By Adding A Garage

There are numerous advantages to adding a garage to your existing home. Needless to say you will be better poised to provide protection for your car from some of Chicago’s worst weather. You can design your garage so you can gain additional storage space, or extra space to pursue your hobby. When garage builders in Chicago have carried through your concept you will be adding considerably to the value of your home. If a garage addition is something you are considering there are a few things that you will need to take into account before construction begins.

   * Zoning: Before starting construction check your local zoning laws as well as your homeowners association.

   * Finances: Garage builders in Chicago can work with you determine the approximate cost of what you have in mind. If you are in a position to pay cash there are no issues, if you need to arrange financing get this done well in advance. Most homeowners add the cost to their current mortgage although others will take out a specific construction loan from their bank.

   * Size: Look at the garage as a space that will suffice for today’s needs as well as future needs. Newlyweds may have a small vehicle and no children, give it a few years and chances are they will have a larger SUV and need space for the kid’s bikes and additional storage space.

   * Attached or detached: Both types of garages have their advantages. An attached garage makes use of the existing house structure, it is less expensive to build. Additionally, attached garages make it easier to get into the house, a real benefit in the winter. On the other hand, a detached garage is more secure as it does not allow direct access to the house and in many cases it is easier to get a building permit for a detached garage.

   * Style: The garage builders in Chicago that you hire to do the work will stress the importance of designing it so that it compliments your existing home. Make sure the roof line, exterior finishes, doors etc. match your home. You also have to take into account electrical services, if you plan on having the laundry area in the garage, there will be a need for plumbing.

When you have thought all these points through it is now time to hire garage builders in Chicago that can turn your ideas into reality.
Absolute Garage Builders are the leading garage builders in Chicago. Absolute have numerous existing plans for you to choose from or they can help design something that meets your specific needs. Call today for a free on-site evaluation and quotation.

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