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Parents Can Choose Independent or Assisted Living at Retirement Communities

Parents Can Choose Independent or Assisted Living at Retirement Communities

It’s difficult enough when parents are young, and each child gets married, finds a job, and moves to another state. After all, parents have each other and get along fine. As the years go by, they start to wonder when the house got so big, and how did they always manage to take care of cleaning windows, the house and mowing the lawn? When children haven’t been home for quite a while, when they do see the parents, they wonder when their hair went gray and when they developed so many wrinkles. Now, when they visit, they’re worried about how they’ll make it after they leave.

The parents realize the house they made paid on for thirty years is now too large for them. Trying to keep it in the same condition they once did has become too much for them. They make the decision to call Orchard Crest Retirement Community and ask one of the associates to go over the types of apartments they have and what their itinerary involves. They find out they can have a small apartment, a more spacious apartment, or a triplex cottage, depending on the space they require.

Many seniors aren’t ready for Assisted Living at one of the communities in the area, but they like knowing that, when the time comes, it’s available to them. Most people want to keep their independence as long as they can. They want the freedom to be able to dine with their newly-made friends at the on-site facilities and take the bus that’s provided to fun outings. They’ll love swimming in the pool, knowing a primary care doctor is available, and that life is so free and easy. Even though selling the home and dispersing a collection of memories to children is difficult, the realization that this is also a fun time of life is exciting.

For the children who have to leave and go back to their own state, knowing help is just around the corner if their parent needs it is wonderful. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. The parents have helped available to them right now and can choose Assisted Living later on. Children out of state have peace of mind knowing their parents are having the time of their lives in a new and happy environment.

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