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Efficiency And Accuracy In The GE MAC 1200

Efficiency And Accuracy In The GE MAC 1200

There are many different types, styles and models of equipment used in hospitals and medical facilities across the country. While some healthcare settings tend to stay with older styles of equipment, others move to the newer, streamlined and more efficient technology of today.

If you are charged with buying new EKG machines or upgrading existing models, the GE MAC 1200 offers features and options that make it a top choice for any medical setting.

Small, streamlined and very easy to use, this is one EKG machine that is going to be used over and over by staff. It is only a total of eleven pounds and produced both a full printout of the results of tests as well as the information displayed on the screen built into the unit itself.

The Benefits

Just a quick review of the benefits of the GE MAC 1200 will show why it is considered the go-to ECG system in busy facilities. It offers non-interpretive full-sized paper reports that can easily viewed immediately as printed with the basic model. It can be enhanced with the plus or deluxe features to provide interpretive results as well as a full keyboard, LCD display, memory, built-in modem and also be fully FAA compliant.

The deluxe features provide the full package of options. However, all of the three levels of the device including basic, plus and deluxe offer the 12SL measurements with the two top packages offering interpretation and memory. They all use the gender specific 12SL technology so testing results are highly accurate for both male and female patients. There is also a full 12-lead ECG acquisition and analysis for the most effective and accurate readings and reports.

These systems are battery powered as well as powered through a standard hospital grade power cord when required, which means they are highly portable. This is very important for use throughout a facility where finding power outlets in emergency situations is time wasted. It also means that the systems can be kept fully charged and ready to go, perfect for use in the field.

With all the benefits offered in a small, portable system it is no wonder the GE MAC 1200 is used by hospitals, clinics and healthcare settings across the country and around the world. These systems offer all the features of much larger and bulkier EKG machines but without all the drawbacks and challenges with use.

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