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Helping a Loved One Find a Malibu Treatment Center

Helping a Loved One Find a Malibu Treatment Center

One of the most difficult aspects of being a parent, spouse, partner or sibling is to know that someone you love is hurting or in danger. For the people in an addict’s life, both of these issues are concerns as there is an obvious change in the individual because of the addiction and the constant concern about overdose, accidents and other types of injuries.

Family members are often unsure about how to approach conversations with their loved one about seeking treatment for the addiction. They may have tried in the past only to be met with anger, denial and avoidance of the issue. Getting a person with an addiction into a treatment center is often the most challenging step for the family, but there are ways to have the conversation and get your message across.

Talk Anytime

There is a myth that an addict has to hit rock bottom to want go into a treatment center. This is simply not true. Any point in the addiction can be a good time to have the discussion in a compassionate and loving way.

For many addicts, any type of significant issue can be a trigger to seek help. A warning at work, troubles in the relationship, the threat that a spouse or partner will leave and even issues with the children can all be motivators. Of course, an interaction with the Malibu police or another more serious issue can also be a good time to talk.

Be sure to structure your talk around your love and caring for the individual and how they need support to meet their goals. Addicts don’t want to stay addicts; they are trapped in chemical dependency and changes in their brain chemistry. This is truly a disease and not a choice, so approaching it from this aspect is always the most effective way.

An Intervention

In Malibu, many of the different treatment facilities will help you with finding a professional to assist in planning and facilitating an intervention. It is highly recommended to have a trained mental health professional with experience in addiction recovery and interventions there to manage the meeting.

This helps to keep the conversation focused on the individual and avoids a situation where the person may feel he or she is being blamed, shamed or coerced into a decision.

It is also a very good idea to research the treatment center or centers you see as a good match for your loved one. By having this done in advance, you can quickly complete admissions over the phone and then immediately admit the individual, making it less likely he or she will refuse to go.

Serenity Malibu offers our patients a unique treatment center facility and holistic approach to addiction recovery. To learn more about our facility, services and specialists, see us at

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