Emissions System Repairs – Get Your Car Fully Inspected

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Auto Repair

For those who have a problem with their vehicle’s muffler or who have failed an emissions test, it’s essential to work with a technician certified to work on emissions to help you rectify the problem. However, there are other signs that you may have an emissions problem. The most common indication is when your oil or check engine light illuminates.

You should not put off taking care of the vehicle emissions. In some states, not having emissions up to regulations can make driving illegal. Even in states that do not implement this, driving a car or truck with faulty emissions can cause significant damage to your vehicle. This could mean more expensive repairs down the road.

Putting your vehicle into the hands of an experienced technician can ensure any problems are found early. There are things that you can do to prevent problems, but only a qualified technician can run all the necessary tests to measure the levels of emission and find out what problem is present.

The problem could be related to a missing catalytic converter. It might be connected to exhaust that carries too much nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, or hydrocarbon. A technician can determine this, as well as any other problems that may not be obvious. If you fail an emissions test, emissions repair can take place to help you pass the next time around. The technician will help you understand what is going wrong and what options you have to fix them.

Doing an emissions inspection yourself is possible, but it is not suggested. Mistakes are too easy to make without the assistance of a certified technician. This can lead to further issues that will lead to more repairs in the future. Modern vehicles are computer controlled and include complicated equipment. Only a technician with excellent knowledge will have the training to both diagnose and make an emissions repair. These technicians will also have proper tools like scan tools, exhaust analyzers and engine analyzers that will measure your emissions.

Frank’s Auto Repair & Auto Body Inc in New Jersey can take this problem right out of your hands. They offer experienced staff who are happy to help with your emission inspections and repairs. This auto shop is AAA approved and offers servicing, maintenance and repairs on premises. If you have any questions, you can reach a member of the staff at 908-322-4075.

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