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Find Your Perfect Career with Maryland Massage Schools

In a 2012 survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 6.9% of
adults in the U.S. reported receiving massage therapy. That means over 15 million consumers
chose massage therapy as a mode of complementary care, making it one of our nation’s most
popular natural healing methods.

As interest in the healing potential of massage grows, the demand for skilled professionals also
increases. Prospective students discover that becoming licensed in massage therapy first
requires education and training from an accredited school.

For most students, finding the right massage school involves conducting a comparative search
including on-line investigation and in-person visits. Students searching for massage training
within the seaboard states find the Central Maryland School of Massage (CMSM) at the top of the
list of qualified schools.

What to Look For In Maryland Massage Schools
CMSM offers a solid foundation in the science, theory and practice of massage, preparing
students to sit for both the State and National Massage Therapy Certification exams. They excel
in providing quality education which accommodates individual student needs:

1. Full time programs: offer an immersion into the learning experience, allowing students
to complete necessary education quickly, become licensed and enter the workforce.

2. Part time programs: designed for busy adult learners to work at their own pace with
enough time for family and job responsibilities.

3. Classes start monthly: no waiting around; get started as soon as you’re ready.

4. Financial assistance: staff with a strong commitment to help students assess financial
aid options and navigate every stage of the application process.

5. Professional training excellence: low teacher-to-student ratios and in-depth training in
the theory, practice and clinical experience necessary to become a skilled massage

6. Business education: preparing the graduate to successfully enter the workforce,
including assistance in developing a resume, defining employment goals and perfecting
job seeking skills.

7. Job placement: Pre-graduation job fairs to facilitate connections with prospective
employers, and a rich on-line catalog of current job listings maintained by CMSM and
available to all alumni.

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