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Using CircAid Wraps At Home

For patients with lymphedema, learning to complete their bandaging at home is a necessity. With products such as the CircAid wraps, which may also be listed as the Juxta Lite line of wraps, wrapping an ankle is easy, convenient and can be done without assistance.

Often CircAid wraps for the ankle are used in conjunction with compression leggings. The tighter wrap, which covers the entire foot from the ball of the big toe to above the ankle, helps to control swelling through the foot. The compression legging, which is tighter at the bottom and less compressed at the top aids in reducing lower leg swelling and provides a complete level of compression for the entire leg.

Preparing Your Foot

Start by washing your foot and drying completely before fitting the CircAid wraps. These are designed with anti-microbial technology so they can be worn against the skin, or you can choose to put a sock or liner on the foot and then the wrap.

The flat and complete panel of CircAid wraps should be located on the bottom of the foot, with the toe band opening at the top. Cross the band over the opening to create the “toe” and slide the foot into position. You should find your heel cupped into position by the heel of the wrap, or you can move the wrap to get the foot in position.

The bands going across the top of the foot are pulled across and pressed into position. Then, the long ankle band is wrapped around the front of the foot and up the ankle, ending at the top and hooking into place.


When using both CircAid wraps and leggings, it is very important that the leggings are inside the top of the long ankle wrap closure. If this is not done correctly there is an increased risk of localized edema between the two compression garments. This swelling will also increase the risk of the skin rubbing against the top of the wrap and possibility causing irritation, discomfort, or even more significant types of lesions.

The CircAid wraps can be tightened as needed during wear, and they can be worn in the day as well as during sleep. The manufacturer recommends a loosening of the wrap if worn during sleep, and to discontinue use and immediately see your medical professional if there is any pain when wearing the wraps.

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