Finding Local Movers in Nashville

Locating the right mover to move your personal items and household goods requires doing some research before making a final decision. There are various factors to consider when searching for local movers. Nashville is home to a number of reliable firms that you can rely on to move your entire household.


When searching for local movers, reviews online should checked and the website of the BBB should be looked at to see if any complaints have been filed against the company and how well those complaints have been handled. The Better Business Bureau provides a rating and an accreditation for moving companies and other kinds of businesses.

It is good of the local movers are partnered with the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration enabling their credentials to be checked. They should be able to inform homeowners of their rights and responsibilities. Professional moving agencies are often registered with the United States Department of Transportation and have their license number displayed on their trucks. These companies should also have a Motor Carrier number provided by the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Possessing these credentials indicates a mover you more than likely can trust.

Winnowing Your Search

Often one of the most effective ways to find local movers is through word-of-mouth conversations. You may also perform research done online or get direct recommendations from friends or family.

After you have found some prospects, about three local movers should be selected. You can then ask for moving quotes from all three providers. The quote should not simply be given over the phone. The moving company should send a representative to your location to get a scope of the relocation job that needs done. As well, the mover should be happy to answer any of the your questions. This should all be done at no cost to you.

Once you receive the quotes, you need to review them and take into account all of your previous research on the companies. Consider the breadth of services they each provide and their experience at handling the same type of relocations in the past. Check any references they provide and make a final decision based on all of these factors, including price.

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