Flooring Choices When You Are Renovating Your Home

The choices that are available today in flooring are more varied than ever before. Product innovation and materials that are used range from slats from old wine casks to ground glass. When it comes to choosing flooring in San Antonio there is one real winner; the consumer. A few of the most common include:


Hardwood flooring is a perennial favorite, loved for its natural beauty. Hardwood flooring is available in a very wide variety of woods, with grains and colors to match any interior design. Hardwood flooring is an excellent choice for ensuring continuity from one room to the next in open floor plan homes.

Popular domestic woods include oak, walnut and maple. There is no reason to stop with domestic woods; exotic imported woods such as teak and Brazilian cherry are readily available.

One major advantage to real hardwood flooring in San Antonio is the fact that it can be sanded and refinished a number of times before replacement is even a consideration.

Engineered wood:

To the naked eye, engineered wood and the real thing are hard to differentiate. Really, that should come as no surprise because the upper layer is real wood, backed by numerous layers of plywood. This flooring is very stable and less prone to change if the flooring is installed in an area with high humidity, such as a basement recreation room.

Installation is a snap, literally. There are manufacturers that produce flooring that just clicks together; there is no need for nails or adhesive.

Ceramic tile:

With the hundreds and hundreds of colors and patterns available, ceramic flooring in San Antonio give the homeowner or the interior designer the opportunity to install a genuine “one of a kind” floor. Ceramic tile as long been the favorite flooring surface for bathrooms, kitchens and entryways; it is available with a non-slip finish which only adds to its attraction.

There is a phenomenal range of flooring in San Antonio that is attractive and suitable for different rooms throughout the home. If you wish to discuss how you can improve the floors in your home you are welcome to contact Shaw Company Remodeling.

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