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Fishing Shoes Are Getting More Traction Among Oakdale Anglers

Fishing Shoes Are Getting More Traction Among Oakdale Anglers

Every sport has a special shoe for its athletes. Bowlers wear bowling shoes, football players wear cleats, joggers wear running shoes, basketball players wear high-tops – so why not shoes for people who love to fish?

For centuries, people went fishing wearing whatever they were wearing. But today, the idea of a specialty shoe for fishing is catching on. The reason is simple: fishing shoes can help you catch more fish.

It’s true. Sports journalists have noticed that fishing pros at top tournaments are almost universally wearing shoes designed for conditions encountered while angling for that big catch. Pros are always looking for an edge, and they truly believe fishing shoes deliver just that.

One might say that fishing shoes are an evolution of the “boat shoe” or “deck shoe” favored by yachting enthusiasts. These are a flat-soled designs with rubberized grips made to prevent slipping on a wet deck. So why not just wear a deck shoe for fishing?

It’s an issue of look and functionality. For one thing, most anglers don’t like the lightweight and preppy fashion of deck shoes. Fishing shoes incorporate a more robust and rugged design configured for fishing environments and also include arch support to facilitate a long day of trolling, working a trolling motor pedal and standing at the helm of a boat.

A popular brand of fishing shoe today is made by the company Evair. Evair fishing shoes are excellent for boat fishing, dock/pier fishing and shore fishing. Lightweight and comfortable, these shoes feature openings at the top that allow the foot to breathe. The sole is also designed to give a sure grip on a wet boat deck or pier.

Find your pair of Evair fishing shoes at top outfitters like J&H Tackle in Oakdale when you visit our website at today.

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