The WoodWick Ellipse Candle: More Than Just A Pleasing Shape

In mathematics, an ellipse refers to a specific curved shape. A circle and/or an oval may fit the definition. Curves are pleasing to the eye. Perhaps, this is one reason why the WoodWick Ellipse candle is so very popular.

WoodWick Ellipse Candles: The Shape Is Not the Essence

WoodWick Ellipse candles are popular. As noted above, the shape is attractive to the eye. Yet, at least two other reasons explain why the soy-based Ellipse candles remain a favorite:

  1. The wood wick
  2. The variety of heavenly scents

The HearthWick at the center, literally and figuratively, of every WoodWick Ellipse candle, provides those who use them with multiple sensory pleasures. The crackling sound emitted by the wood wick conjures up the soothing sounds of hearth and campfires. The wood wick also allows the flame to dance in a hypnotic pattern, like the flames its sound summons up from your subconscious.

Yet, the scent of WoodWick Ellipse candles is also evocative. The natural smells arising from the elliptically-shaped glass jars infuse your senses. It is easy to become lost in the sensuous odors each fragrant jar emits. The variety of different bouquets currently available – and growing, is daunting. It includes a wide array of hints from various natural smells. Among the current product line are:

  • Cinnamon Chai
  • Coastal Sunset
  • Fireside
  • Frasier Fir
  • Lavender Spa
  • Pumpkin butter
  • Rosewood
  • Sand and Driftwood
  • Spiced blueberry
  • Vanilla Bean
  • White honey
  • White Teak
  • Wild Violet

WoodWick also features an entire line of WoodWick Ellipse Trilogy candles. They promise the scents commonly associated with walking a Mountain Trail, blown in by an Ocean Breeze, the ripeness of Autumn Harvest or relaxing in a Cozy Cabin.

WoodWick Ellipse Candle

With a pleasing shape, sensuous scent and enticing sound, it is not difficult to understand why the WoodWick Ellipse candle is popular. Why not see for yourself? Look online or visit a retail outlet to learn more.

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