Residential Siding Installers in St. Charles MO for Older Homes and New Construction

Residential siding installers in St. Charles MO are used to handle a broad range of projects. They replace old siding with new material and add siding to new homes during their construction. The contractors also provide siding services to owners of duplexes and apartment buildings. Not all siding contractors take on larger-scale projects like apartment complexes, but they may very well accept jobs to clad duplexes since those buildings are usually about the size of a large single-family house.

Sprucing the Place Up

For an older home, residential siding installers in St. Charles MO spruce the place up and make it look like the exterior has just received a fresh coat of paint. With the color and style of siding being the most obvious components of a home that people see as they approach or pass by, the choice to upgrade can have remarkable results.

The Most Popular Material

Vinyl is the most popular material for residential siding. It is sturdy and durable, and it effectively mimics painted wood. Homeowners do not have to spend much time maintaining the siding since it does not rot like wood. Vinyl also does not fade or develop a chalky surface like aluminum.

New Soffit and Fascia

New soffit and fascia are typically aspects of the project when the siding is replaced. In older homes, those features commonly were made of wood and painted even if the house had aluminum or vinyl siding. It can be difficult to prevent wood deterioration in this part of the building since it cannot be reached from the ground for easy maintenance. Also, a wood fascia tends to rot over time because it has little protection from rain and moisture.

Getting Estimates

Homeowners generally get at least three estimates from contractors when they plan a siding project. They should be at home if at all possible when contractors visit to determine the cost of the materials and labor. That way, the owners can answer questions from the contractor and ask for any information they want to know. A contractor such as Affordable Exteriors installs vinyl siding and is ready to respond to requests for estimates. Contact us now to get started.

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