Fruit Cake – The Famous Cake Loved by Royalty

It is no secret that fruit cakes are the traditional cake of choice at royal weddings. Some of the most famous fruit cake that has ever been baked was for Princess Diana and Prince Charles’ wedding in 1981. 30 years later, their son Prince William and his soon-to-be wife, Kate Middleton also served fruit cake at their 2011 wedding.

Royal Couples Who Have Had Fruit Cake at Their Weddings

Prince William and Kate Middleton

This is certainly the most famous fruit cake of 2011. The cake itself broke so many records, and at a hefty price of $80,000, was exceedingly expensive. The white coated fruit cake had eight tiers and was covered with 900 handcrafted sugar paste flowers. Duchess Kate was involved with the design of the cake, which boasted English roses, Welsh daffodil, Scottish thistle, and Irish shamrock.

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip

Grandmother to Prince William, Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Phillip in 1947. Their wedding reception was graced with a nine-foot tall, four-tiered wedding cake crafted by a renowned Scottish company. Their cake, as dictated by royal protocol, was a fruit cake. The famous fruit cake was so big it was enough to feed the couples’ 2,000 guests.

Famous Fruit Cake Traditions

It is a tradition followed by many to set aside the top layer of the wedding fruit cake. The cake is supposed to be served on the day the couple’s first child is christened. This tradition is mostly followed by the British and rarely by Americans. Prince William and Duchess Kate’s followed this tradition and served the cake they saved from their wedding at the Christening of their first born child, Prince George.

It is clear to see that fruit cakes have remained very popular over the years with royalty. Go out and have a fruit cake yourself – who wouldn’t want to be a little more like royalty?

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