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Picking Uniform Polo Shirts for Your Business

When your employees wear a company uniform, your business immediately gains a more professional looking appearance. Today, many companies choose polo shirts for their uniforms, as these offer a business like, yet casual look. Making a choice to go to uniform polo shirts, however, can represent a large expense for your company. It’s important to plan for the expense and then look for the right deal. Here are some ways to get the right polo shirts for your money.

* Avoid white shirts. White shirts stain and can look dingy after a while. If you want your shirts to last, avoid white. Choose a darker color that contrasts with your logo colors.

* Pay attention to brands. Some brands carry a higher price tag simply because these are popular and trendy right now. Work with your vendor to find a shirt that is good quality, so that your employees look well groomed, but without the extra price that comes with being trendy. Medium quality shirts offer a good balance between price and durability. A reputable vendor can advise you on choosing the right brand.

* Buy extra. It’s important to avoid having to place rush orders because of employee turnover or a hiring spree, so buy as many shirts as you can afford up front. In addition, you may get volume discounts by purchasing in quantity, so be sure to take advantage of this. It will take a while to get a good idea of how many uniform polo shirts you need in each size, but before you know it, you’ll be a pro at placing orders.

You’ll be impressed with how great your employees look wearing their new uniform polo shirts. This simple change can help make your business look more professional, and can help employees take extra pride in their work and their company.

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