Get Quality Vet Care In Rockville MD For Your Pet

When a pet needs to be left for extended periods of time due to work, a family emergency, vacation, or any other reason, there’s always a concern about where they should go that they’ll be taken care of while their owner’s away. Choosing a boarder who loves and cares for a pet the same with vet care in Rockville MD is available. An owner doesn’t have to break the bank to pay for boarding while they’re on vacation. Their pet will get a vacation away from home with a friendly and caring staff and only pay reasonable rates.

In addition to being cared for, loved and given plenty of exercise, boarding can teach a dog obedience. The staff is highly trained in working with all types of dog to teach them what is or isn’t appropriate. All of the boarding areas are cleaned and sanitized regularly to prevent any type of disease from spreading. The rooms are air conditioned so an owner never has to worry about their dog or cat being uncomfortable. Part of the boarding is there is emergency vet care in Rockville MD, 24 hours a day in case one might get sick and need medical attention. Not only will they help an owner board their pet, they also offer exotic pet care.

Does the dog or cat look a little ruffled around the edges or smell like last week’s trash? Grooming service is available at the same location as they are boarded. While the owner’s away or just needs to get their pet groomed, it’s readily available along with dog and cat teeth cleaning, haircuts and standard exotic cuts. Some pet owners don’t get their pet groomed as often as they should because they don’t want animal hair throughout their vehicle or the pet doesn’t travel well. A mobile grooming service can travel to their home. A mobile van that has a certified pet groom can travel to a pet owner’s home and can bath and shampoo the pet in the van.

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