Useful Tips for Finding the Best Vet for Your Pet

If you have recently adopted a pet, then you should start considering what veterinarian you will entrust to look after your new companion. Finding the right veterinarian for your new pet is not as easy as calling the first Wicker Park vet that appears in your search inquiry. Here are tips to help you find the best veterinarian for your new pet.

Ask Other Pet Owners

Other pet owners can be a very useful resource to help find a trustworthy vet. Whether you decide to ask family, friends, co-workers, or the place/person you get your new pet from, you should consider their recommendations by reviewing the company websites and testimonials. Testimonials from pet owners are typically very honest because pet owners value the service their companions receive.


The first thing you should notice when you enter a veterinarian’s office is how open and friendly all the people who work there are to you, your pet, and other clients. You should make sure that they provide a calm and warm feeling atmosphere for your pet. It is a different environment for your pet; so of course, your pet is probably not acting himself. You must make sure that the vet you choose is observant enough to see that and can adapt his/her method of care to best suit your pet’s needs.

Don’t Let a Large Crowd Turn You Away

When you are new to a veterinarian practice, you should know that you might not get the first appointment you request. This is perfectly normal if you choose a vet that is well-known and well-liked. Sure, overcrowded waiting rooms and busy parking lots can be annoying but remember that busy veterinarians are busy for a reason; they’re great! When you see a crowd or have to wait to schedule an appointment, you can assume that vet is worth the wait.

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