6 Care Tips to Make Your Porcelain Veneers Last Longer

Veneers are typically made of porcelain and used to recreate what a natural tooth looks and feels, says Colgate. If you’ve got missing teeth, then opting for porcelain veneers is a handy solution you might want to consider. Before you go for veneers, though, here are care tips to help them last longer:

Brush Regularly
One way to make your veneers last longer is to brush your teeth regularly. This is key in keeping your veneer in good condition.

Don’t Forget to Floss
Flossing is also critical. Buildup of food particles can make for an uncomfortable experience or possibly lead to other dental problems especially if the buildup finds its way into one of your veneers.

Steer Clear of Hard Foods
You might also want to avoid biting into hard foods that could deal damage to your veneers. That’s one way to stay on the safe side of things. No matter how sturdy your veneers are, a wrong bite could lead to a lot of potential damage. You can avoid that by being careful with the kinds of food you bite into.

Slice Your Food
Cut them down into bite-sized pieces and use your back teeth for chewing. This reduces any chances of you biting into tough meat that could affect or damage your veneers.

Watch Your Diet
It would be best to stay away from food and drinks that could easily discolor you veneers. This includes red wine, tea, and soda. You’ll want to stay away from smokes as well. The nicotine in your cigarettes could leave a gray residue on your teeth and veneers, which could make for an unpleasant sight.

Use a Mouth Guard
If you’re going to play contact sports, be sure to protect your porcelain veneers. Wear a mouth guard or some other form of protection so your veneers will be safe from any possible impact.

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