The Differences In VFFS Equipment And Pouch Packaging Systems

To the typical consumer, how a product is packaged and what packaging system is in use is largely irrelevant. In most cases, as long as the packaging is effective and serves its purposes, the end consumer is not impacting one way or the other by packaging specifics.

The same is not true for the manufacturer. Different options from pouch packaging machines to vertical form fill seal, or VFFS equipment will have a variety of impacts on the business. This can include the production rate speed for the equipment, the availability to easily configure the equipment for different packaging sizes and even in the maintenance and upkeep on the equipment.

Knowing what will work best with your materials as well as with your production systems will be critical. Of course, the packaging is also part of your branding, so that will need to be a consideration.

Production Rate and Cost

Generally, the VFFS machines tend to have a faster production rate than a pouch packaging machine. There is an additional cost with most VFFS machines that may outweigh the slightly faster packaging rate.

It will be essential for a business to consider the two options and compare the pricing and the actual speed. Different equipment and various manufacturers may offer equipment rated for higher speeds, all which will be essential when comparing options.

Changes in Packaging Needs

Using pouch packaging systems is ideal when the material will all be packaged in similar size and material pre-formed pouches. This equipment tends to be low maintenance and, when purchased from a reputable manufacturer, will be highly efficient over its life.

The VFFS equipment allows for maximum flexibility in packaging as it is able to use the same film for various sizes. There can be more waste to consider, with this option, which may be a factor in some applications.

Considering the options and understanding the differences between these two packaging options will be important when selecting equipment and in designing the system.

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