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Get The Best Pet Care in Alexandria VA

Get The Best Pet Care in Alexandria VA

A caring veterinarian understands how much someone loves their pet. They know it can be frightening when they’re sick, need surgery or any type of medical treatment. A vet will also understand how scared someone’s dog or cat will be with other animals and all of the smells in the office. Outstanding Pet Care in Alexandria VA will take into account the owner’s and pet’s emotions and give a dog or cat the best care possible. Regular checkups will give a vet the opportunity to diagnose health problems before they become worse. A quality vet should have the advanced equipment necessary for pet diagnostic, surgery and medical treatments.

A dog and cat’s teeth are just as important as their owner’s. A cavity or gum disease can cause them pain and could create an abscessed tooth. Regular dental cleaning of the pet’s teeth should be performed by a caring technician that provides Pet Care in Alexandria VA. If an owner suspects their pet is sick, they should never wait to get treatment. Animals don’t often show signs of distress or pain until their health has been jeopardized. Preventative care for heartworm, vaccinations and other parasites can be given to a dog or cat. The vet should have an in-house laboratory, digital X-ray, and ultrasound machine.

If someone is traveling abroad, they will need an international health certificate and passport. An owner doesn’t have to leave their pet behind with the help of a trained veterinarian. If they’re only going out of town for a vacation or a business trip, a vet should offer boarding at their facility. There should be plenty of exercise room for a dog to get outside and they should supply comfortable and clean bedding. Cat’s that are boarded should have a private area away from the dogs with multi-level condos. Food should be provided unless the owner has a special request.

If you own a pet, it’s important to give them the healthcare treatment they deserve by a caring, loving and experienced vet. Visit and find out more about their services, staff and how they can help to keep your pet healthy and happy.

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