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The Guidelines for the Ohio Lemon Law

The Guidelines for the Ohio Lemon Law

Ohio Lemon Law is very specific, so it is very important that you take certain steps to ensure that you are protected. In Ohio, there are no specific laws that address used vehicle purchases but you may have recourse under other laws, like federal laws, before you get too discouraged and throw the towel in, contact an attorney.

What You Must Do

Ohio Lemon Law only covers new vehicles for 18,000 miles or 12 months whichever comes first. It also requires that you:

*  Notify the dealership of the problem
*  Allow for the dealership to make the necessary repairs
*  Request in writing a refund or replacement AFTER the allotted number of repairs have failed
*  Attend arbitration if required under contract

Sometimes the laws that are meant to protect consumers do not seem like they offer much protection. Under the Ohio law the attempted repairs must have been made 3 times for the same repairs or 8 times for different repairs or the vehicle must have been in the repair shop for 30 business days in a 12-month period. That does not seem very fair. Of course, requesting in writing a replacement or a refund also does not seem to be a very effective tool. After all the dealership can simply say no. If you must attend arbitration that can be an intimidating experience.

What You Can Do

The answer is simple if you live in Ohio and you are stuck with a lemon, get a lawyer. The laws are not really structured to help the consumer navigate this messy situation that is stressful and frustrating, a lawyer can help you to get the relief that you deserve. Dealing with this on your own is just not the best choice. Krohn & Moss, Ltd. Consumer Law Center® can help!

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