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Getting Upfront Cash for Your Old Vehicle

Having an old car sit in your driveway or yard can be a headache. You have to keep it tagged even if it does not run. Depending on where you live, you may even be forced to keep it insured if you want to avoid getting an expensive fine from the county or city.

Rather than keep an old car that you have no use for on hand, you may instead want to sell it to a junk dealer. Selling your car for scrap actually offers numerous benefits, the least of which is getting the car hauled away for free. By offering up a scrap car Vancouver car owners like you can also get upfront cash that you can use for any purpose. When you sell your scrap car Vancouver sellers like you may wonder if you will get a check or cash in hand for the sale.

Most junk dealers offer cash for cars. They will pay you cash for the scrap metal value of your vehicle based on its weight. However, some junk dealers offer checks instead of cash for your security. Depending on where you bank, you can typically deposit the check and get it cleared within a day or two. You then have the money you need to use for whatever purpose you choose. Before you sell your scrap car, however, you may want to keep some important facts in mind. To start, you need a free and clear title on the vehicle.

You cannot have a lien on it nor can it be owned by another person other than your spouse. The junk dealer may also need you to empty out the gas tank prior to having it hauled. You may need to siphon out the gas before the tow service for the junk dealer will haul it away.

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