Looking Into Roof Replacement In Port Washington NY

Homeowners should know when they need a roof repair or a new roof. There are instances when a repair will handle the problem. On the other hand, a new roof may be necessary. People with a one-layer roof should consider roof repair. However, if the existing roof has two layers, repairs may be difficult. Also, the existing materials have a lot to do with the decision. For instance, it is expensive to repair asphalt shingles. Indeed, sometimes a repair job costs more than a new roof.

There are some tell-tale signs that one needs roof replacement in Port Washington NY. Visit website domain to schedule an estimate. The average asphalt roof lasts between twenty to thirty years. Therefore, any roof in this age group probably needs some attention. Curling shingles are a major warning sign. In fact, shingles curl in more ways than one. Cupping occurs when the shingle’s edges turn up. Likewise, clawing is just as bad. Clawing happens when the shingle is flat and the middle gets loose. Major leaks can appear in both instances.

Contractors with roof replacement in Port Washington NY know that repairs can be difficult. One example is when shingles are made of colors that no longer exist. It is terrible for curb appeal to have a roof with different colored materials. In this situation, it is wise to replace the roof. Additionally, look out for granules in the gutter. This is especially concerning if the roof is over ten years old. Granules protect shingles from the sun. If they disappear, the shingle just sits there and bakes. Experts advise that granules start to appear when the roof reaches half its life. A contractor may recommend some shingle replacement.

The appearance of moss or algae on the shingles is not a bad thing. This does not mean the homeowner needs a roof repair. However, it is not an attractive look. There are some products that will stop the growth of moss and algae. However, the roof should never be power-washed. This will loosen the granules and cause problems. The homeowner should start thinking about a new roof if they have major leaks. A new roof is a major investment that protects the home and adds to its value.

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