Hiring Professional Public Speakers That Fit Your Objectives

by | Feb 13, 2015 | Business

You know that there is going to be a special event, and the planning committee is starting to make decisions to get things moving. It is exciting to think about the professional public speakers you will have at your event and want to consider them before anything else, but you shouldn’t rush in. Instead, answer a few questions first to make the task of finding professional public speakers a little easier.

They Why’s

You have a lot of “why” questions to answer before heading off to find public speakers so it is important to ask yourself the reasons for the meeting, why you want a speaker and why it should be a professional.

You may be enthralled to have a sports star at your function, but you need to ask yourself if the star will add anything of importance to the meeting or event. If you have a business meeting to increase sales, a sports star may not be a great choice because they probably don’t know a lot about business sales. Instead, a famous author or another professional speaker may be a better selection.

What They’ll Say

Many public speakers have a special niche, meaning they enjoy and are capable of talking about certain areas and not so great talking about other areas. Make sure you select a speaker that will add value to the event instead of just being someone famous that will speak. Consider the group that will attend the event, why they are being invited there and what will be discussed. If the event is more of a reward ceremony for those who have worked hard, celebrities and other famous speakers may be a good choice but if the event is to be all business, someone with a strong background in business or management may work better.


Once you know why the speaker is involved and what they should talk about, you can start selecting one from the wide range of professional public speakers out there. You may want to consider which professionals are available to speak about the topic you have chosen, or you may want to select a speaker based on the budget allowance. It is important to understand that famous speakers will cost a lot of the budget, but this is usually considered a key aspect of the event or meeting and the budget allows for a large cut for the famous speaker you choose.

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