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What To Expect When Booking Business Caterers

What To Expect When Booking Business Caterers

Hiring business caterers for your next in-house professional development workshop, corporate meeting, or even a special celebration can be a bit confusing. This is particularly true if this is your first time being responsible for ensuring the lunch is enjoyed by everyone.

Choosing the best business caterers doesn’t have to be intimidating if you know what to expect and what questions or specifics that the caterer will need to understand. Having this information available before contacting a caterer is essential as it provides you with the details you need to compare costs, menus and services and select the right one.

The Basics

All business caterers will need to know specific information about your event. This will include the number of people, the location, and the time that you need the lunch to be set up and ready for.

If you aren’t sure of the specific number provide a minimum and maximum number. This is essential as business caterers will usually charge by the person, especially if you are asking for boxed lunches. For a buffet style the exact number is not as important as the maximum number. Ordering for the maximum you anticipate means you won’t run out of food.

Top business caterers will be able to provide you with suggested food amounts based on that number. You can always add more or modify as you choose from the suggested amounts and food selections.

Expenses and Services

Besides the cost of the food and beverages the business caterers provide, there will be a standard charge per person for other services requested. This can include set-up of the tables, supplying wait staff or clean-up staff, and the cost of additional supplies required.

For most business caterers standard delivery to the location is not an additional cost unless you are outside of their normal delivery area. In this case, and usually depending on the size of the order, there may be an additional delivery fee.

For a large event such as a conference, retreat, workshop or a special celebration you are booking in advance it is normal to have a contract that outlines the details of the food and services. This ensures that the business caterers and the company are in full agreement with all details of the food and services to be provided. As top business caterers we provide top quality food and services just as you order. To see our catering menus for our Chicken Salad Chick locations visit us at Facebook or Twitter.

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