Hiring Roofers in Reading to Fit Flat Roofing on a Residential Property

Are you currently in the process of building a new property? Perhaps you want to give an existing property a new lease of life with help from roofers in Reading? Whatever your situation, it would be helpful to sit down and decide which type of roofing would best suit your needs before you sign any contracts. From the maintenance and budget to the materials and design, there is a lot to take into account at this stage. A popular option for its low labour costs is flat roofing.

What is Flat Roofing?

Flat roofing is exactly as it sounds – a water-resistant and water-tight type of roofing with a level surface. To stop water from accumulating on the surface, roofers in Reading will normally install the materials at a slight angle, so that rain can travel down the slope. There are plenty of advantages associated with having a flat roof, such as the simple installation process, the low maintenance and many decorative finish options. The design can be extremely flexible, making flat roofing perfect for properties of all shapes and sizes.

Materials Used for Flat Roofs

The materials that are chosen to construct flat roofs depends on the area. If roofers in Reading are dealing with warmer climates they will likely fit the roof with concrete or masonry, whereas homes in areas that are susceptible to heavy rainfall will be fitted with roll asphalt flat roofing. Asphalt-coated fibre glass felt is water and tar-resistant, making it a durable option. Other common materials include single-ply and multiple-ply, which last for up to 30 years, flat-seamed metal, which lasts for up to 50 years, and modified bitumen, which lasts for 10-20 years.

Maintaining Flat Roofs

Before you jump into signing a contract with roofers in Reading, it wouldn’t hurt to learn a little bit about roof maintenance. Flat roofs are constructed with a structural deck, thermal insulation, vapour barriers, drainage outlets, joints, coverings and guttering. In areas where overheating could be a problem, the roofs are fitted with reflective coverings and are suitable for solar panel installation, too! You can keep the material in good condition by removing debris and checking for pooling, which is a common problem following heavy rainfall. Pooling can damage the structure of a property, therefore regular maintenance is essential to steer clear of expensive repairs.

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