Moving Home in South Wales – How You Could Benefit from Self Storage

House hunting can take time and should not be rushed, but if you need to hand over the keys to your existing property soon, you may need to get a move on with things! Instead of rushing into signing contracts, why not keep your possessions secured in self storage before moving home in South Wales? A convenient option for storing household goods, the sealed containers can be delivered directly to your home, before being locked inside CCTV-operated warehouses. With your belongings stored in a fire-safe environment, you can relax and take your time to find houses for sale or rent.

Long and Short-Term Availability

Do you require regular access to your belongings before, during and after moving home in South Wales? If so, rent a container! A cost-effective solution to storage needs, containers can be rented on a long or short-term basis. Various sizes are available and many can be dropped off at your property the same day. Should you want to retrieve or drop off goods, you can do so with your own vehicle, which proves how flexible and convenient these services are. There are no long-term commitment requirements and you only pay for space that is being used.

Secure and Safe  

When extra storage space becomes a priority during the process of moving home in South Wales, you need to make sure that the company providing container rental offers secure storage services. Digitally recorded CCTV cameras are usually fitted on the inside and outside of containers so that nobody is able to access the unit but you, the key holder. Smoke detectors and intruder alarms will likely be installed to create a safer environment for all of your possessions. Insurance policies should be put into place to prevent unforeseen damage from affecting your finances.

Protects Items from Damage

Fire-proof, weather-resistant and fitted with security cameras, storage containers will definitely keep your belongings free from damage. You won’t have to worry about damp and moisture causing a mould or mildew problem either, because containers will usually have some form of moisture control, whether it’s an absorbing product like Absorpole, or humidity control technology. Climate control is an admirable feature if you are thinking about using storage for business goods, upholstered items or archived documents. Remember to defrost freezers and refrigerators to avoid water damage issues.

Whether you want to store furniture, family heirlooms or sentimental belongings when moving home in South Wales, rely on Masons Moving Group Ltd for assistance.

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