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How an Emergency Endodontist Can Help Alleviate Pain and Discomfort

When a tooth becomes deformed to the point of causing constant pain, it may be time to consider a root canal. While proper daily maintenance can help stave off problems of this nature, there are times where pain will strike without warning. Luckily there are dentists that provide Emergency Endodontist services to help alleviate pain and discomfort quickly. While root canals are common procedures, many individuals don’t have experience getting them. The following are the services that many dental offices offer when an oral emergency strikes and leaves a patient in excruciating and agonizing pain.

Initial Exam
The first step is for the doctor to provide an exam with x-rays to determine whether a root canal is needed. They will explain what they encountered during this step, and will answer any questions the patient may have. While it is a long procedure, most dentists can complete a root canal the same day. It is important for the patient to be honest about any pre-existing conditions so the doctor can provide the best care possible.

Crown or Dental Implant
Once the root canal is completed, the dentist will then place a crown over the tooth. If the tooth is severely damaged, the Emergency Endodontist may provide the patient with the option of having a dental implant. While it is more expensive, an implant will last longer and create a more natural looking smile. Be sure to consider both options and address any concerns so it is easier to choose the option that will be the best match.

Sedation Techniques
Anxiety is one of the biggest things people complain of when getting a root canal. Most dentists can provide patients with a local numbing solution at the site of the procedure, and offer nitrous oxide to help reduce any panic or anxiety that are present. It is important to talk about these options, so minimal pain is felt during and after the treatment. Don’t live with dental pain any longer. The endodontist experts at Vista Family Dental Care will make the process as stress and pain-free as possible, and can restore the beauty of any smile. Visit website or call their office today to schedule a new patient exam or arrange for an emergency visit. One phone call is all it takes to correct problem teeth and alleviate pain for good.

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